Monday, May 11, 2009

The Laws of Physics

You know the laws of physics
easy peasy:
I throw – you catch.
You trace and track the parabola
and with a reflex
of pin-point precision,
timing, convergence,
just reach and pluck
the ball
out of thin air.

I just knew you would.

I knew
that you knew
that if I threw the ball
I wanted you
to catch it.
And you knew that I knew
that you knew
how to catch it;
child’s play.

watches the people;
watches the ball.
The people move.
The ball moves.
The people
move differently
all the time;
never the same way twice.
The ball
baby sees,
is bound by the laws of physics;
it’s obvious; common sense.
The people move
on purpose.

You love Daddy’s bedtime story.
John and Jane are playing ball in the park.
You are sad because Jane cannot catch the ball.
Daddy makes the ball come alive.
You laugh.
How funny.
And you are happy for Jane
when she catches the magic ball.
Lights out.
And the shadows
are not real.
How silly.
God Bless.

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